8th birthday of Gogol Center
On our 10th birthday, we publish a recording of the last Gogol Center holiday concert (2021, 8 years old). The prologue to the concert will be Kirill Serebrennikov's address, recorded specially for 10th birthday and the opening of our new online platform.
Akhmatova. Poem without a hero
A magical trip through the work and life story of Anna Akhmatova, a poetic immersion in the bloody and yet great history of the XX century. The production continues the cycle “Star” dedicated to Russian poets. Alla Demidova does not pretend to be Akhamatova, but enters a dialogue with ghost shadows and reflections, initiates contact with the genius, on equal terms. Children of the XXI century, we are entrusted to witness this almost mystical session.
No Fear
The performance is made after "Fear eats the soul" - a film of the German director Reiner Werner Fassbinder telling a love story of an elderly cleaning woman and a young Maroccan migrant. The "Fear" maintains all the themes of the movie as well as its plot - but, transferring from the post-Nazi Germany to contemporary Russia, the story becomes even more provoking.
Who Is Happy in Russia?
Based on Nikolai Nekrasov's poem "Who Is Happy in Russia?" Production consists of three parts. The first is "Dispute". It is about peasants who are asking the famous question: “Who lives fun and freely in Russia?”. What forced them to give up homes and families and hit the road? Where are the boundaries of "Russian world"? What prevents them from finding long-awaited freedom?
Coming soon
Red Cross
The performance is given by director Semyon Serzin based on the novel by the young and very successful writer Sasha Filipenko (perhaps you have already read his novels “Travel”, “Return to the Ostrog”, “Former Son” or “Intentions”). 
Little Tragedies
The new production by Kirill Serebrennikov will revive all four of Pushkin’s plays, as well as "Mozart and Salieri", "the Miserly knight", "The Stone guest", "Feast in time of plague"
Dead souls
With English subtitles
Serebrennikov creates the full image of Russian life where nothing ever changes. Gogol’s characters move in the cramped space among the plywood walls — in the box without a possibility of escape.
Наша Алла
Сoncert dedicated to Alla Pugacheva