Akhmatova. Poem without a hero

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For the project "Star". Five poets, five directors, five performances
Here is a passage from the book “Akhmatova’s Mirrors” by Alla Demidova: “When I started to decipher the “Poem without a Hero” I noticed a lot of doppelgangers, which, conversely, splitted in different directions ad infinitum (the same thing happens if you approach a wall of a mirror hall holding a looking glass in your hands, you see an infinite series of reflections). The more doppelgangers I found the clearer I understood that maybe there is no need to decipher this work literally. The point is in not in specification of particular individuals but in the delivery of the spirit of the age, since the “Poem”, among other things includes vast culture layer of the whole era. And this era has already become history, which happened long ago, for today’s youngsters.”
An­na Akh­ma­tova
Assistant costume designer:
Dmit­ry Ga­rin
Video design and animation: 
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Галина Аксенова, "Петербургский театральный журнал"
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