The Tha­lia The­ater is one of the three sta­te-ow­ned the­at­res in Ham­burg, Ger­ma­ny. It was fo­un­ded in 1843 by Char­les Ma­uri­ce Schwart­zen­berger and na­med af­ter the mu­se Tha­lia. To­day, it is ho­me to one of Ger­ma­ny's most fa­mo­us en­semb­les and sta­ges aro­und 9 new pla­ys per se­ason. Cur­rent the­at­re ma­nager is Jo­ac­him Lux, who in 2009/10 suc­ce­eded Ul­rich Khu­on. In ad­di­ti­on to its ma­in bu­il­ding, lo­cated in the stre­et Ra­bo­isen in the Alt­stadt qu­ar­ter ne­ar the Bin­ne­nals­ter and Ger­hart-Ha­upt­mann-Platz in Ham­burg's in­ner ci­ty, the the­at­re ope­rates a smal­ler sta­ge, used for ex­pe­rimen­tal pla­ys, the Tha­lia in der Gaußstraße, lo­cated in the bo­ro­ugh of Al­to­na.